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PacWest Commercial Real Estate Advisors

Property Tax Reviews and Appeals 

PacWest Commercial Real Estate Advisors

PacWest Commercial Real Estate Advisors specialize in British Columbia Property Tax Minimization Strategies, the annual Review and Appeal of Property Assessments as well as Property Transfer Taxes throughout British Columbia.

Property taxes are the single largest annual operating expense for property owners, landlords and tenants. Property transfer taxes are based on subjective internal market valuations which can be challenged and negotiated lower based on expert evidence. A successful property tax appeal has an immediate positive impact on the bottom line performance of all real estate.

PacWest has the experience, knowledge and proven success in representing landlords and tenants in all property tax matters throughout British Columbia supported through a strategic network of property tax consultants across Canada.


PacWest Commercial Real Estate Advisors

Property Tax Negotiations-PacWest Commercial Real Estate Advisors

A proactive dialogue with the local assessment office is preferred by the BC Assessment Authority staff as it allows both parties to focus their resources on settling an appeal in a timely manner.

Property Tax Planning-PacWest Commercial Real Estate Advisors

Good property tax planning is critical, as property taxes make up a significant portion of the annual operating expense and holding cost of real estate. Property owners are responsible for the review of their annual property tax notices.

Property Tax Consulting-PacWest Commercial Real Estate Advisors

We work with property owners, tenants, property management companies, receiver managers, accountants and lawyers in the management of property taxes in British Columbia.



"I have found Tim Down to be very knowledgeable, always conscientious and fair in his dealings. As a fellow professional, I would strongly recommend him as an expert in the field of real estate valuations and advisory services, specializing in property tax matters." 


—  Jerry Kirkland, AACI, P. App. Past President, Fellow AIC 

     President, Kirkland, Balsom



PacWest Commercial Real Estate Advisors

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